What is Bitsten.Finance!
Bitsten.Finance One of several utilities from Bitsten Token (BST).

The Goal
Farming is adding liquidity to the market, farming LP will make BST stronger in the market.

What Is BST
What is BST, BST is Bitsten Token, utility for the Bitsten Exchange ecosystem.

How to Farm
The first Users need to create LP BUSD-WBST ata Pancakeswap.

Deposit Fee
Deposit fee will reduct your deposit LP and unwithdrawable forever , this mean if your deposit 123 LP and fee is 10% 12.3 LP will unremovable forever.

Deposit Lock
Deposit Lock ( Days ) mean , user unable to withdraw LP , until reach remaining Days.

Reward Come From
Reward is Come from fee listing at Bitsten Exchange , Every list New token / Coin need 60,0000 WBST and will add to reward pool.

Reward Calculation
Reward each block BSC is Available pool reward / 2,000,000.